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Nestor Programme

The NESTOR programme depends on the Office of the Vice-Rector for Students, Postgraduate Studies and Continuing Education.

Its aim is to support students in their integral learning process during their years of stay at the UdL by providing them with personal, academic and professional guidance that will allow them to make informed decisions throughout their degrees and as future professionals.

The basic elements of the Nestor programme are:

  • Welcome Sessions: Students starting bachelor's degrees at the UdL make their first contact with the University during the week prior to the start of each academic year. At these sessions the students learn about the organization of the courses and schools, and receive information about the main services, tools and facilities that they will use.
  • Tutorials: Meetings in which students and tutors interact. Students can find answers to their questions and receive support and counseling individually or in groups.
  • Workshops: Each school or faculty organizes non-curricular thematic workshops to suit the needs and demands of students. These workshops are free to students and help them in your education.

Nestor Programme Document

Welcome Sessions

On the days before the course starts, each school or faculty organizes Welcome Sessions for each group of students admitted to a course or degree at that school.

These activities are organized and carried out on the initiative of the management of the schools and aim to facilitate the rapid integration of new students in the university environment of the UdL.

At these sessions the students are informed of the general organization of the university and the school or faculty where they will study, and learn about other services that they will use during their degree, such as the University Information and Support Service (SIAU), the Virtual Campus and the Library. The academic functioning of the degree they have chosen is explained to them and they are offered the opportunity to start meeting their fellow students.

Consult the Welcome Sessions Programme


Whenever possible, students enrolling at the UdL for the first time are assigned a tutor who is a member of the teaching staff of the degree they are taking. During their time at the University, the students may ask their tutors for information and advice on any subject whatsoever.

Student can find out who their tutor is by clicking on the link below and they can contact them by going directly to their office or sending an email to make an appointment. The contact information is at the following link:

Who is my tutor?


The workshops are voluntary training activities aimed at allowing students to acquire transferable skills that are useful for studying some or all degrees and for later professional life.

Every year some workshops are offered during the academic year, at the request of students or on the initiative of the tutors or the school management. These workshops may be offered for one course or for all the courses of a faculty, and some may even be open to all students of the UdL.

It will be informed properly about the workshops are intended for, the conditions of pre-enrolment and the associated documents.